Healthy Hair Starts With Expert Care

Restore your shine with hair conditioning treatments in Burton, MI

Your hair is an integral part of your appearance and keeping it healthy is important. Karisma Hair Care provides specialized hair conditioning treatments that give your hair the luscious shine it lacks. Soaking your hair in healing proteins encourages healthier and sleeker hair. You'll notice a difference after just one treatment!

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Everything your hair needs

Everything your hair needs

From damaging shampoos to coloring chemicals, your hair goes through a lot. Get healing and preventive hair conditioning treatments from Karisma Hair Care. We can take your frizzy or dull hair and completely transform it.

Our hair treatments include:

  • BOND Ultim8 - It is a bond protecting system. Prevents bond breakage during chemical hair services and also rejuvenates hair bonds for overall healthier look and feel.
  • Keratin hair treatments - A perfect vegan recipe for dry and damaged hair.
    Repairs, strengthen and protects the hair for future damage. Hydrates hair and scalp while provides color protection.
  • Wonders of superfood
    - turns damaged and dull hair into healthy hair
  • Positive link - Deep penetrating moisturizer,normalize hair as it restores to a ph balance state. Beautifully firm and seals cuticles, leaving the hair smooth and shiny.
  • Chemistry treatment - For intense care, this conditioning treatment adds softness, strength and color protection to a hair with chemically or mechanically damaged.
  • Miracle morpher - Express conditioner with protein, ceramide and lipid to block humidity.Creates the perfect canvas for faster easier, long lasting finished looks.
  • Malibu - Removes build up from minerals, metallics and medications..
Put shine and volume back into your hair with rejuvenating hair conditioning treatments. Call 810-407-7938 to schedule your hair care treatment today.