Feel Good in Your Skin

Feel Good in Your Skin

Get smooth skin with professional waxing services in Burton, MI

Are you tired of plucking, tweezing and trimming your facial hair? Karisma Hair Care provides complete facial grooming and waxing services at our Burton, MI salon. Using safe and gentle waxes, we can shape or remove hair from your brows, lip or chin. While shaving can cause redness and irritation, waxing leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth.

We also offer eyebrow tinting and beard trimming services to give you the stylish and clean appearance you deserve. Get in touch with us to schedule your facial grooming and waxing services today.

Uncover your true beauty

Stop worrying about your fine facial hairs or thin eyebrows. Karisma Hair Care offers complete grooming services, including:
  • Waxing - remove unwanted hairs from your eyebrows, lip, chin, ears and nostrils
  • Eyebrow tinting - long-lasting brow color that makes your brows appear fuller
  • Beard trimming - keep your mustache, beard or chops clean and neatly groomed
Call 810-407-7938 to ask about our grooming and waxing services today.